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Bard Epic - Singing Short Sword Walkthrough
Singing Short Sword

Page 25

Kelkim Menkia To get Page 25, go to South Karana and talk to the wood-elf bard named Kelkim Menkia, she is between the centaurs and treants along the zone line that is a "drop-off". Hail her to start the conversation and quest details.

You say: 'Hail, Kelkim Menkia'
Kelkim Menkia sighs as she looks over her lute. My lute was mangled by those damnable gnolls. I have no idea how I'm going to get a new set of strings for it. They were so rare.
You say: 'What rare Strings?'
Kelkim Menkia says 'I only use the finest lute strings on my lute. My uncle got them for me from across the world. His name was Zendrik the Wurmslayer. As his name implies, he killed many wurms and drakes. The strings for my lute were all made from the guts of the wurms and drakes he slew.'
You say: 'What wurms and drakes?'
Kelkim Menkia says ' The strings were from a chromodrac, a red wurm, and a huge onyx drake. It always sounded so wonderful.'
Kelkim sighs, looking off into the horizon. As she shakes her lute angrily, she says, "I'll kill all of you dirty gnolls!"'

The items she needs to make the strings for her lute are as follows:
  1. Guts from a named chromatic drake in Skyfire Mountains - Eldrig the Old: about level 51 and he summons
  2. Guts from the named red wurm in Burning Woods - drops off named wurm Nezekezena
  3. Guts from the Huge Oynx Drake in Rathe Mountains - Blackwing: level 40 something
A few notes regarding these 3 guts:

Nezekezena in Burning Woods To get the Red Wurm Gut you need to kill a named wurm in the Burning Woods - Nezekezena. Phurzikon no longer drops the red guts for bard epic. Both these wurms will be high 40's to 51 in level, so at level 51, they can summon you and gate. Both these spawn at location (neg 470, neg 2550), so if you camp the spawn, you should be fine if they decide to gate back. A full group of low 50's can kill these wurms. Something spawns every two minutes, whether it be a PH or a Nekekezena or a Phurzikon...
Phurzikon in Burning WoodsThis is also a great camp for some fast experience, as the spawn time is 2 minutes, and there are lots of wanderers. You could convince a mage to camp it with you, as they also need the Burnt Embers for their epic, which is a much rarer drop.

The red wurm guts drop plentifully, so you'll get one for sure if you camp this area a few hours.

Blackwing in Rathe Mountains Blackwing in Rathe Mountains will spawn after clearing out the drakes in that area. It is the south-western part of the zone, and will spawn out of the loc (neg 1700, neg 15). Keep killing everything that spawn at this loc, including drakes and basalisks, and you will get Blackwing within an hour or so. His PHs include basilisk, Onyx drakes, Ebon drakes, Obdisian Drake, and Basalt Drake.

Be very careful of the named drakes in this area. Zazamouhk, an evil enchanter sphinx and her pet are up on the hill but don't seem to move around much. She is around level 40, maybe lower. If you are agnostic and wear your Dark-elf illusion, you can go right up to her. Rharzar, however, is a level 55 green drake. Every bard I talked to that has camped Blackwing has been killed by Rharzar, including myself, he hit me so fast I couldn't even run one step. If you have him on tracking and are alone, do your best to avoid him, or come back another day. He is for the SK epic, so convince an SK in your guild to join you and bring a few groups down to kill Rharzar.

Stay at the spawn spot mentioned above and you should be fine. At level 47, I discovered that I could melee these drakes and Blackwing easily.

Eldrig the Old in Skyfire Eldrig the Old in Skyfire Mountains has a spawn spot of loc (pos 500, neg 4000). Eldrig is a named Chromodrac, level 51. He summons, dispells (a LOT), melees and cast Boiling Blood DoT, which he will proceed to dispell right away.

Go north from the OT zone until you hit the spot. Every 13 minutes a mob will spawn, and start walking towards OT. If nothing is spawning, you must track down the placeholder and kill it before the spot will start re-spawning. The placeholder has been reported to be any mob: bottomless feasters, skyash/skycinder drakes, wurms, mature wurms, wyverns, and chromodracs. Thanks to the bards on the Concert Hall who have figured this spawn spot out.

Once this is accomplished, and you found the PH, and the spawn spot is spawning, Eldrig will spawn regularly. I am not positive that this is the only spawn spot of Eldrig. I have seen him up once, and he walks a path from this spot to the Burning Woods zone and back. Bards on my server who has followed my directions here has communicated with me, and has eventually gotten Eldrig to spawn. Another bard reported to me that he saw Eldrig fly back and forth between approximately (neg 3250, pos 2000) and (neg 3250, pos 1000). This is right near the BW zone. So, I suspect, once he spawns in the above location, this becomes his pathing.

When I finally found him up, my group fear kited him. I played my fear song, and fear song only. He went down quickly. We had 2 bards (levels 51 and 53), 53 warrior, 53 cleric, and 57 druid. Second time I found him, we just snared him, and no fear, full group, no problem. We killed him at his spawn spot the first time, and near the Burning Woods zone the second time, as he wandered down.

A trick level 56+ bards can use, is to use the Song of Highsun to gate mobs back to the spawn point.

Once you have all the 3 guts from these mobs, catch a ride back to Antonica. Give the three guts back to Kelkim in South Karana and you will get page 25.

Kelkim Menkia snatches the gut strings from your hand and immediately begins to string her lute. 'This is wonderful, I will be able to play my lute again soon! Take this old sheet of music I found - I don't think I will have much use for it. My new desire is to bash gnoll heads in with my lute. Safe travels to you, Kocho.'

[Receive Maestro's Symphony Page 25]

If you have anything to contribute to the guide, please Contact me. Thank you, and GOOD LUCK getting your epic!!!

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